Worth knowing

Pulsed light and laser hair removal are often confused although they are two very different hair removal methods, both in terms of safety and effectiveness. The power of pulsed light is lower and it only causes the weakening of the hair follicle. For this reason, it offers an ephemeral and transient result.

On the other hand, the laser emits a more intense and selective beam of light that destroys the hair bulb and allows you to benefit from a truly permanent hair removal.

Epilia has chosen to get lasers based on the latest technology: the Alexandrite lasers of the Candela brand. This type of laser is highly efficient and guarantees your permanent hair removal is done under the best safety conditions.

Laser hair removal can be performed on all body areas except on the periocular region (eyebrows and between the eyebrows).
Epilia offers price packages for the most frequently treated areas that are to be found here. If none of them meets your expectations, our staff will establish a tailor-made fee during your first consultation.

The results of permanent laser hair removal are impressive and very satisfactory in most cases. This technique, although recognised as the most effective one, does not allow total hair removal. However, the remaining hair will be thinner, sparse and with no pigment.

Finally, it should be noted that laser hair removal cannot prevent the appearance of new hair bulbs linked to hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, hormonal imbalance). In these cases, sessions to maintain the results will need to be scheduled.

The Alexandrite laser is THE reference regarding hair removal for light to medium skin phototypes. For matt skin phototypes, the Nd Yag laser is more suitable.

So far, Epilia centres are only equipped with Alexandrite lasers. If your skin phototype does not allow us to give you an optimal treatment, we will refer you to another centre, more adapted to your needs.

Good to know: the laser targets the hair pigment, so it has no impact on hair with no pigment (blond vellus hair, white hair and some red hair).

During the first free consultation, a diagnosis will be made regarding the feasibility of the treatment.

The first consultation to get information is free of charge. It is mandatory for anyone wishing to start treatment in one of our Epilia centres. It is essential for the good execution of the protocol.

Anyone wishing to start a permanent laser hair removal treatment can either make an appointment calling our desk (+352 26 37 89 84), or going to our website (www.epilia.lu). In case you make it online, please make an appointment for the first consultation beforehand, which can immediately be followed by one for your first session (and select the body area you wish to treat).

Depending on the areas treated and the sensitivity of each, permanent laser hair removal can be more or less unpleasant. However, the pain ensuing from the treatment is generally completely bearable. The sensation felt is similar to that of a rubber band on the skin.

To make your sessions as comfortable as possible, all our permanent laser hair removal centres are equipped with an additional machine. The latter is from the latest generation and makes the skin to cool down in the treated with an anaesthetic effect. It makes the tingling sensation caused by the laser easy to tolerate.

Permanent laser hair removal has been practised worldwide since 1995. Since then, many scientific studies were carried out. Today, we have sufficient hindsight to state with certainty that the laser has no impact on health. Because the laser targets the melanin, the surrounding tissues cannot be affected by the light beam. Moreover, its wavelength is very selective and does not go over the dermis.

Laser hair removal must be considered as an investment that becomes profitable in the long term.
Conventional hair removal sessions seem less expensive but must take place regularly for many years.
Comparative studies have shown that permanent laser hair removal is, in the end, less expensive in the long term than conventional monthly hair removal sessions.
As the treatment progresses, thanks to the time necessary between the sessions, the costs will be spread.
At the end of the treatment, you will enjoy a real comfort and peace of mind, you will save time and, above all, you will get self-confidence… And that is priceless!

It is required to shave 24 to 48 hours before any session. The impact of the laser when the hair is too long is less effective. However, to shave on the same day can be accepted with no problem as it does not interfere with the laser’s action. Shaving too close makes the procedure more complex for the practitioner who lacks points of reference.

Any delay must be mentioned by contacting our desk. By professionalism, we are committed to seeing you on time. In order to respect this, we ask you to be on time as well. A delay of more than 10 minutes could result in the cancellation of your session.

In case you wish to cancel an appointment, you must inform us via our desk, or via the appointment confirmation email you received at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. After this period, 20% of the sessions costs will be charged during your next appointment. This measure was taken following numerous abuses.

To postpone an appointment is accepted at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. It is, therefore, necessary to cancel your appointment either via our desk or via the appointment confirmation email.Be careful, in case you made several appointments, it is imperative to cancel all appointments (which includes the first consultation).

You can then reschedule a new appointment (via the website www.epilia.lu or our desk).

Our staff does all that is possible to offer large time slots to meet your expectations best. For this reason, we open late and on Saturday.

Do not hesitate to go on our website www.epilia.lu in order to check when we are open, or to contact our desk.

Permanent laser hair removal can be performed on underage people with the agreement and signature of the quote by one of the parents. The presence of the latter is also required during the first consultation.
The duration of a session depends directly on the size of the areas to be treated. Do not hesitate to contact our desk to find out the estimated time of your treatment.
All our Epilia centres are equipped with Alexandrite lasers from the Candela brand. Candela is currently the world leader in the field of lasers used for dermatological and aesthetic purposes. All the scientific studies that have been carried out to this date show that the Alexandrite laser is the most effective one on light to medium skin phototypes. Click here for more info.
Permanent laser hair removal gives excellent results on areas with ingrown hairs. Indeed, as the hair is gradually destroyed, they will naturally disappear over the sessions.